Women in the Reserve Grade

One thought on “Women in the Reserve Grade”

  1. Hey Chelsea! Its great that you can write about something that you feel passionate about in relation to media research! The vast amount of stats and figures prove that the research project did utilise a quantitive method of gathering data! I do feel that your blog acts more like a summary of the project than an analysis of it, perhaps you could have referenced the course readings and talked about the pros and cons of the methodologies used by the researchers. It would be great to know how these findings came into being. How many types of media forms were analysed and what types were they? Was there a specific sample of texts used according to date/ relevance etc. I doubt that this could all be found using one singular survey? With these types of texts it is hard to know whether the researchers went in with a pre-existing angle (such as a Feminist perspective). Is there anything to prove that they did not?

    Anyway! Good to read your stuff and PS. I really like the cover picture on the top of the page! So cool!


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