Blue Is My Favourite Colour

4 thoughts on “Blue Is My Favourite Colour”

  1. Great post!
    I really enjoyed how you used colours to remember the difference between closed and open, it actually makes it really easy and its a great way to explain the difference in the simplest form.
    I found this article, it may interest you on the reasons some preferred Android over Apple and vice versa.
    I agree when you talk about Windows 8, it looks very intimidating in comparison to the Mac format. If you insert a photo to show the different appearances of both softwares it will really emphasise your point.
    Mia x

  2. Really interesting! Love the colour comparison, title gave me a giggle. I’m an android addict – my whole family is. When you think about it, it’s such a weird thing to get so excited about. People will generally argue over which platform is better when a smart phone is such a personal thing. Yes, Apple has it’s benefits, it really does “Just Work” – emphasis on the JUST. Android let’s you play, but technically it’s still kind of a closed platform. I just think it’s funny that no matter what, tech is so important to us that we will instantly jump to it’s defence if it’s threatened by someone else haha.

  3. Your blog was very informative, I was a little lost this week and using the iPhone vs. Android debate to show what’s “opened” and “closed” was very helpful! I 100% agree with your reasons for choosing the iPhone over the Android, but it has now made me question why I’ve chosen the “closed” option. I really love how you’ve added in pictures and a YouTube video, it makes the whole page much more appealing and easier to read than just a page full of words. Great blog!

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