The Medium Is The Message

3 thoughts on “The Medium Is The Message”

  1. Hi Chelsea, the next step is to now consider what kind of messages become possible with the arrival of Instagram, that were not possible before. What is change introduced by Instagram as a medium? Think of changes in audience behavior, in technology, in industry, in culture.


  2. Interesting first post Chelsea. I think you have reflected well on the nature of The medium is the message. I agree with your statement that he Medium is the Message can be perceived as ambiguous. This may be because, as McLuhan said the medium is “any extension of ourselves”, this statement tells me that the ‘medium’ is anything we create, this applies to traditional media channels such as TV, Radio, Newspapers but can also apply to seemingly innocuous objects such as a doorstop, a chair or a lecture theatre. Such a variety of mediums can leave the consumer with mixed messages and feeling like the theory is ambiguous. This post really got me thinking, keep up the great work!


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