Candy Stride

4 thoughts on “Candy Stride”

  1. where is the pink , the dolls and the cuddly teddy ? My instant reaction was upon seeing this image is the same as yours, sadness. I can clearly see how this image was considered controversial. It shows a young ten year old girl smoking, instead of doing what ten year olds should do such as playing with dolls. I really dislike this image as it really strips her of that innocent image. though the image is a perfect example of a controversial text. And I enjoyed reading this blog as it was very interesting!

  2. I actually saw this photo in some article about photos that capture the human experience. Such a powerful photo. An interesting tad-bit is the difference of reading you and I have, you perceive it as depressing, I see it as empowering and exciting. The black and white colour makes it seem more raw and emotive, and the focus is more on the puzzled, candy smoking girl more then the awesome kid on stilts, like there is so much going on and we can’t take it all in and we choose to focus on what we want… just like childhood amd coming to age (wink,wink,nudge,nudge) haha

    But Im glad you brought this photo up and I love your interpretation and your analysis, i feel as if it goes without saying how well you picked apart the connotations and formulate your own dennotations. Interesting how individual interpretation can be created!

  3. I’m glad I found this blog, I’ve unfortunately never seen that picture before but its a striking image. Pretty spot on with the connotations, to me she just appears to be melancholic about growing up.

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